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Vintage Chic Baby Shower Theme

I had a lovely day last weekend browsing in an antique fair with an old friend.  She has recently bought a new home in the country and is embracing the theme of “shabby chic”.  This week’s mission was to start collecting beautiful old pieces of china to complement her rustic new life.  She’s less excited about hosting sophisticated dinner parties in her new home, and more about tea parties!

If you like the idea of hosting an elegant tea party, but without antique prices, have a look at our vintage baby shower range.  One of our most popular ranges, these pretty floral pieces will add the charm of a bygone era to a baby shower tea party. To add more vintage charm, perhaps a mum, or grandma, can contribute an heirloom tablecloth or lace doilies to the day to add a personal touch.  Or ask a friend who has a way with flowers to arrange a centrepiece in a china teapot or teacup.  Simply trim a piece of oasis to fit inside your cup or teapot, soak with water, and arrange your favourite cut flowers to create a stunning focal point for your table.