What food do I provide?

Catering for a baby shower doesn't need to be a headache. The dishes you serve will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

The most popular baby shower events are afternoon teas. These usually last 2 to 3 hours with chatting and games being the main focus. The food usually consists of a variety of finger foods with some eye-catching desserts thrown in.

You could order a selection of pre-prepared finger foods from the likes of Marks and Spencer or Waitrose. Just remember to order far enough in advance (at least 5 working days in most cases). These combined with some bowls of crisps and nibbles work very well.

You may choose to hold the desserts back or put everything out together. We find that scones with cream and jam, whoopie pies and, of course, beautiful baby themed cupcakes work very well and provide an eye catching display.

If you would prefer an evening meal event or a full buffet then visiting a suitable venue or bringing the caterers in is a good option. If you would prefer to get busy in the kitchen then try to prepare as much as possible prior to the event so you don't spend the whole evening tied to the kitchen.

Remember your guests are there to help celebrate baby's arrival, the company and table talk are the most important aspects

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