Is it essential to decorate?

The answer is no, it isn't essential to decorate but it does help to remind your guests why they are there. You don't need to go crazy and turn the room into a suffocating overdose of babyness! Less is more. We prefer to avoid theming the whole room in blue, pink, nursery rhymes or anything else that limits your selections and more importantly your taste.

If you would like to show your guests you are having a girl then go for creams, lilacs and silvers with pink additions - balloon bouquets look fabulous. A few of these with some stunning flower displays can transform a room without entering in to a realm of tackiness. There's nothing wrong with banners, in fact we sell the ones we like best but don't go crazy with them. One or two above the food table or the entrance can create an effect without being over the top. If you're going for banners above the food table then add a beautiful vase of pink and white flowers to create an elegant but obviously girlie effect, you don't always need centrepieces as well. Alternatively one of our stands displaying baby themed cupcakes looks beautiful and provides a talking point for your guests.

We offer a wide variety of decorations and encourage our customers to mix different options in with their baby themes. If you would like baby themed tableware for example then pretty flower or butterfly garlands and lanterns can look stunning and create a beautiful room for your guests to enter. There will be an obvious baby element but elegance will shine through and it won't become too baby central! Baby banners do look lovely but shake it up a little with simple elegant accents.

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