Are games necessary ?

Some people cringe at the very idea of playing games at a baby shower whereas others think that games are what the baby shower is all about.

Baby showers do maintain a rather cheesy image in the eyes of many of us Brits who have yet to acknowledge that baby showers are actually becoming pretty fashionable in the UK. Yes, they can be seen to be truly tacky, in fact somewhat cringeworthy events but so can hen nights. It's all about doing it properly and with a degree of elegance and sophistication.

We at TUBS do recognise that some baby shower games really aren't suitable for grown women, particularly as so many mums are now having babies in their 30s and 40s. We have avoided selling the wide range of tacky and woefully embarrassing games that are now available. Instead we have carefully selected games which are fun, help break the ice of the British reserve but aren't tasteless!

Baby Trivia is a firm favourite, a great way to break the ice and get everyone in the right mood. It can be hilarious and really rather eye opening too! Advice Card boxes along with the advice cards are a great keepsake for mum to be to refer back to and giggle at. A piece of advice could be anything from 'call me if you need a babysitter' to 'always keep a jar of Sudacrem in the cupboard!'.

Our stunning baby shower favour ranges make great game prizes!

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