Invitations and Themes

Baby shower themes are all well and good if you have the time and inclination to think of one and can handle putting this in to practice from invitations through to decorations etc. It can look beautiful if done properly or it can look terribly tacky if not executed with some sense of proportion!

Our favourite theme of course is the traditional British afternoon tea with a hint of baby thrown in. This isn’t really a theme as such because, as we all know, anything goes! Elegant and theme-neutral invitations are always a winner. As for the setting, we love tiers of finger foods, cupcakes and cookies (our baby themed selections of course!). Pretty vintage table covers, vintage plates, napkins and cupcake stands are always a hit and give an elegant ambiance. Combine these with vases of fresh flowers, a couple of pretty baby themed banners and perhaps a centrepiece to pull the baby shower theme out a little (we do like guests to know why they’re there) and you just about have it. That’s not too difficult is it? The games can be a little terrifying for some guests but we have this covered in our games section. Favours (thank you gifts for friends) are pretty easy because all our selections are quality enough for any discerning guest.

If you would like a specific theme to carry through from invitations to thank you cards then these need not be too taxing. A teddy bears picnic theme is always a winner - red gingham table cloths, picnic baskets filled with scrummy teddy bear cookies, vases or jugs of wild flowers, not to mention the all important favourite teddy bears to accompany each guest. The teddy bears picnic theme always evokes those childhood memories and can look utterly charming.

The classic baby boy or girl themes can look lovely and will leave guests in no doubt as to what is cooking in mummy’s oven so to speak! Or a simple flower theme or cupcake theme can look very pretty.

If you are feeling adventurous then you could go all out and create a theme that is personal to the mummy-to-be. Perhaps it could be based on her favourite nursery rhymes or childhood television programmes. Make sure the guests are aware as they may like to join in and bring something along.

The invitations are the first glimpse the guests have of what to expect from the baby shower. They are more important than you may think and set the tone for the day. A beautifully printed invitation speaks volumes to a guest and evokes the first stirrings of excitement (everybody loves a party!). If you have a theme or a dress code then specify this in the invitations. Obviously the location, timings and rsvp details are all important. Not to mention details of the gift list if there is one.

We recommend sending out the invitations 4 to 6 weeks before the baby shower. This not only shows guests how organised you are but also encourages you to get the main elements in place for the day (don’t be alarmed – between 2 and 3 hours is a pretty standard length of time for a baby shower).

If you don’t have 4 to 6 weeks then do not fear! You are certainly not alone. If you are running late with the planning then send out texts or emails to let your guests know the date as soon as you have it. Follow up by invitations if you possibly can as it will show guests you have put some thought in to it and will catapult their expectations!

Remember they key element of a baby shower is getting cosy with your friends, having a giggle and sharing hints, tips and advice about becoming a mummy. It is amazing the funny stories and seeds of advice you can glean without realising it.

One last thing before you dive into the world of baby shower themes - an eclectic theme can be as wonderful as all the rest and all it takes is the ability to pull together ideas from various sources and make them work.

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