First Things First When Do i Have it

There are no rules when it comes to baby showers. If you are unsure or superstitious, then wait until after the baby arrives and have a ‘Welcome to the World’ party. This is a great option if the baby is going to be christened and is more likely to involve the dads. Everybody will have the chance to meet and greet the new bundle of joy.

If you would like to celebrate pre baby then the ‘best’ time to have a baby shower varies from one person to another and also depends on the time of year. It wouldn’t be ideal to organise a baby shower too close to Christmas for example.

Baby showers tend to take place between 30 and 38 weeks of pregnancy, with the majority taking place around 35 weeks. This is fine for most as they feel they still have enough energy to enjoy it. A baby shower at 37 or 38 weeks of pregnancy can be a little overwhelming for some mums to be as energy levels can be low and the mum to be may not be feeling too comfortable by that stage. It doesn’t allow much time to sit back and appreciate the event and the gifts, or to write the all important thank you notes before baby arrives.

A number of mummies we spoke to would have preferred to have their baby shower sooner – around 32 weeks. This allows plenty of time for planning and shopping purposes, and mummy to be generally has plenty of energy to enjoy herself without feeling too huge! It also means she can appreciate any gifts she receives and shop for everything she still needs using all the wonderful advice she received at her event.

The time of day depends what you are trying to achieve. Evening baby showers with a sit-down meal seem more suitable for couple events and tend to be a little more formal. Men tend to feel more relaxed at a more structured event such as this. They can feel a bit lost in a casual seating arrangement surrounded by baby gifts and baby chatter! Some men love it, others cringe at the thought.

An all girls afternoon tea style event is by far the most popular and generally lasts from 1 or 2pm until 4 or 5pm depending where it is and what activities (if any) are planned.

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