Do I use a venue or have it at home

The question of where to have the baby shower is often the trickiest and the one that can potentially put people off before they even start. It doesn't need to be complicated, this is where you really need to consider mummy to be and what her preferences would be.

If it isn’t a surprise event then ask her what she would like. The majority of requests we receive are for relaxed, informal and cosy surroundings, think comfy sofas and mini tables in a library rather than a large chandelier clad ballroom!

If the host, a close friend or family member has a large enough living room then job done! Baby showers at home are the most popular but don’t allow mummy to be to do any clearing up.

If you would like a venue then the possibilities are endless. Venues can cater for afternoon teas, lunches, evening meals, buffets or cocktail parties – too much choice we know! Consider how formal you’d like to make it and go from there.

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